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Your Credit Score is a Powerful Number
Will you get that...
Home Mortgage... New Car... Apartment... Job Offer...
Low-Interest Credit Card... Low Car Insurance Rate...
With so much riding on one little number, shouldn't you do everything you can to improve it?
Start Increasing Your Credit Score Today!

Knowing your rights as a credit consumer is the first step to increasing your credit score, improving your purchasing power and reducing your interest rates.
Did you know information that impacts your credit score can stay on your credit report for up to 7 years? A bankruptcy for 10 years? It doesn't have to be that way. You have the right, and the ability, to legally clean up and correct your credit reports, NOW and we can help!

Don't Let Your Credit Score Keep You from the Life You Deserve!
At Credit Lab we understand the impact that a low credit score can have on your financial life. We also know how difficult it can be to work with credit reporting agencies on your own to get negative unverifiable or inaccurate entries removed from your credit record.

While credit bureaus sometimes insist negative credit report items cannot be deleted, over and over again Credit Lab has challenged that assumption and improved clients' credit ratings by removing negative inaccurate information from their credit reports.

Credit Lab has challenged every common credit problem including bankruptcies, charge-offs, tax liens, late payment inquiries, damage from identity theft and more. We can do the same for YOU, legally and effectively!

Don't Go it Alone...
While Credit Lab will not be performing any services that you could not legally do yourself, we encourage you to seek help in your credit repair efforts. Removing negative inaccurate or unverifiable items from your credit report entails a great deal of time, patience and knowledge to wade through an endless trail of paperwork and complex bureaucracy. Going it alone is like representing yourself in a court of law or trying to repair the transmission in your car without any prior knowledge.

Instead, put our experienced team to work for you! We can get negative, inaccurate or unverifiable items removed from your credit report and vastly improve your credit score, saving you time, effort, and frustration.

The result?
Lower interest rates, a better home or car, improved employment opportunities and more financial choices at your disposal.

Don't wait 7-10 years for negative items on your credit report to disappear! Call us today or visit our How it Works page for more information.

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